Gergely Ittzes

Performing on Sankyo Flutes Since 1995

Sankyo CF-901 Pure Silver Flute

“These well-tempered flutes, free of any compromise, have a special, well identifiable timbre, a kind of velvet-like quality in the sound, still, they let the player’s individual sound get through easily. Who needs more than that?”

Born in Hungary and a graduate of the Budapest Liszt Academy of Music, Gergely Ittzés is a researcher of his instrument and composer of many experimental flute works. He does not specialize in contemporary music only but tries to connect it with tradition.

Mr. Ittzés has given concerts and led master classes in many countries all over the world. He debuted at Carnegie Hall in 2014. He is an active soloist and chamber musician, a member of the UMZE Chamber Ensemble and founder of the TeTraVERSI Flute Quartet.

Mr. Ittzés has recorded more than a dozen CDs, including Hungarian contemporary music, his own works and violin transcriptions, and less-known repertoire like Pierre-Max Dubois, Eugéne Walckiers, Boccherini and the complete works of Sigfrid Karg-Elert. His new recording project entitled The Great Book of Flute Sonatas which includes all of the significant flute sonatas of music history (more than thirty pieces on 7 CDs) is going to be published in 2015-16 by Hungaroton.

Mr. Ittzés is flute professor at the Széchenyi University in Győr and editor of various flute publications composed or transcribed by himself or others. His piece Totem, commissioned by the American National Flute Association for their 2012 Young Artist Competition and printed by Falls House Press, won the NFA Newly Published Music competition in 2013. As the result of his research on the multiphonic capabilities of the flute, he published the software Flouble in 2012. He holds a doctorate from the Franz Liszt Academy; his dissertation, written in 2008, is entitled The Role of Polyphonic Thinking in Flute Playing.

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