Jørn Eivind Schau

Performing on Sankyo Flutes Since 2000

Sankyo 14k Gold Flute
Sankyo Alto Flute

“For me, Sankyo key characteristics include purity, colour and response. The sound blends smoothly with other instruments and carries easily. Also, my alto flute has balance and beauty in all registers.”

Norwegian flautist Jørn Eivind Schau was trained at the Royal Academy of Music in London and the Norwegian Music Academy in Oslo. Since the age of eighteen he has served with the major Norwegian symphony orchestras and professional wind bands, and from 1999 he taught part time at the Agder College of Music as well as being affiliated with the Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra. Today he is the only full time University flute professor in Norway, holding a position at the University of Agder, Faculty of Fine Arts.

Schau is a frequent guest at international festivals and flute conventions. As a concert flautist and University master-clinician he has visited Sweden, Denmark, Finland, England, Poland, Germany, Hungary, France and Turkey.  He is an experienced University adjudicator, and was in the jury panel at the French National Flute Competition in Nice, France 2010, Second International Flute Competition in Izmir, Turkey 2012, European Flute Ensemble Competition in Freiburg, Germany 2013 and International Flute Ensemble Competition in Monaco 2013.

In recent years his interest in flute ensembles has led to numerous clinics and lectures for universities and flute associations.  As the founder and artistic leader of the Norwegian Flute Ensemble, he has worked closely with composers to expand the flute ensemble repertoire. The discography includes work-dedications by Norwegian composers Trygve Madsen, Hans Magne Græsvold, Konrad Øhrn and Terje Mathisen, and baroque concertos by Bach, Händel and Vivaldi.

Jørn Schau has been an important figure within the Norwegian flute scene for the last decade, including initiating and founding the Norwegian Flute Society in 2009. Since 2011 he has been artistic director of the annual Norwegian Flute Festival.  In 2014 Jørn Schau received the Award for excellence in education at the University of Agder.


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